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2023 Legislative Session: Make Your Message Connect

With Florida’s 2023 legislative session well underway, more than 1,600 bills and a proposed $114.8 billion state budget will be considered by the Florida Legislature during this eight-week timeframe. From tax breaks and tort reform to affordable housing and school vouchers, legislative proposals will impact organizations and communities in every part of our state.

The competition for organizations to bring attention to their priorities is steep. Our recent Session on Social analysis showed that conversations surrounding the top five trending issues heading into the legislative session garnered nearly 7 million impressions in just one week.

Whether your organization is championing a policy issue or working to fight through the crowded messaging landscape to bring awareness to your product or service, competing for the attention of your target audiences is more challenging and critical than ever.

It’s not enough to push out the same messages on the same channels with the same targeting.

As we enter another fast-moving legislative session, the following are four key ways we ensure our efforts are laser-focused to make our clients’ messages connect with the right audiences and channels to make an impact.

  1. Niche Audiences

Data and digital innovations allow us to identify who will care about your organization, issue or service and why. Through data-informed strategy and new media platforms, we can reach niche audiences with tailored messages and assess in real time what messaging, creative and channels are working best.

  1. Real-Time Monitoring

Media and social media listening lets us identify stakeholders, real-time opportunities to insert our voice and when to shift our message. Instead of competing for conversation space, we can work within it and build meaningful conversations and relationships with target audiences.

  1. First-Party Data Targeting

Through first-party data targeting we can go beyond geo- or contextual-based targeting to reach the exact individuals we need to engage and influence, regardless of where they are. This precise targeting ensures we can deliver our messages directly to target audiences and trusted influencers at the frequency to make an impact.

  1. Genuine Relationship Building

Successful relationships and conversations aren’t one-way. At every step of your public affairs and marketing efforts, it’s critical to build genuine trust and engagement with stakeholders and target audiences to make a lasting impact. Our team has spent years building trusted relationships with media and our network of stakeholder partners.

Moore continuously explores new tactics and strategies to share client messages and it’s why we are ranked the No. 1 public affairs firm in Florida. If you need help making your message connect, reach out Liz Shawen Underwood today.

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