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To grow, put team and culture first

Moore is celebrating its 30th anniversary with one of our biggest and boldest decisions ever. We appointed seven additional leaders as Partners, bringing company ownership to a total of 10 team members. This move underscores our intention to remain an independently owned agency.

Why is remaining independent so important to us? Because we value our team and our culture fiercely. We have a philosophy that each employee at Moore is the most important asset in this company, which is why our culture ranks nationally among the highest in the industry. This philosophy benefits not only individual well-being but also strategic growth of the agency.

Our philosophy is working well for us — as evidenced by wins over the past five years that include a 79 percent growth in revenue and 97 percent client retention rate — and we think its tenets can strengthen any organization. Here are five keys to our success that we hope you find useful.

Be for the team, and the rest will follow. Of the five Moore values that drive our decisions, this one comes first. As a business, we want to grow; after all, if a company is not growing, then something is dying. And growth happens only with the right team — all working together.

If your culture puts the team first, it becomes easier to not only retain talent but also to attract new hires, facilitating growth. These agency successes help the entire ecosystem: our team, clients and partners.

Know and live your why. If your company has not created mission and vision statements, it’s time. And if you have both, pause to evaluate whether you’re living them fully — or need to update them.

As a reminder, a mission statement is a short, action-based summary of an organization’s purpose. This sometimes includes a description of the company, what it does and its objectives. A vision statement provides a brief description of long-term goals, is typically ambitious and communicates how the company plans to make a difference. Think of it as a roadmap for making decisions that align with your company’s philosophy and objectives.

Create a strategic plan. In the busy days of running a business, it can be challenging to create time to draft a roadmap for the next year, five years and beyond. But to grow and maximize value, companies need a strategic plan that goes beyond simply the financials to drive decisions, investment and culture.

In Moore’s case, we long ago anticipated the need to create a clear succession plan and path forward for current leadership. Because of our leadership’s commitment to creating an annual strategic plan, we laid the foundation for this week’s announcement five years ago.

Invest in a communications strategy. Promoting your brand, services and products should be just one part of your plan. Consider the message you need to share to achieve your business goals and what communications channels will best reach your audience and get action.

This job is too important to leave to the customer service manager. Partner with professionals to build an effective communications and marketing strategy. It will pay for itself and then some.

Pour into your company culture. Company culture is “how” things get done in the workplace, including both the formal systems and the informal behaviors. Culture drives employee engagement and satisfaction, with a sense of everyone belonging.

Build expectations of growth into your culture, because growth is crucial to the long-term survival of a business. Growing helps you to acquire assets, reward the team, attract new talent, invest in technology and more.

Value and Vitality

At Moore, we have chosen this phrase to describe our vision for the next five years: “Value and Vitality.” Value is a worthy goal for everything we do, but, from a business perspective, we know that maintaining a high company value is critical to staying competitive. In emphasizing vitality, we create a vision for a strong and active team that is excited about the opportunities today and working to shape a bright future.

Cheers to Moore’s Bright Future!

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