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Nearly 25 years ago, Karen Moore gave our company her name. Even now—as a multi-location firm with team members spread across three time zones—we strive every day, with every project, to show why she did.

Meet the team that cares about your business as much as we do our own.

Leadership Team

  • Photo of Karen Moore

    Karen Moore APR, CPRC

    Founder and CEO

    Karen is a CEO, author, public speaker and community leader. From her very first campaign to recruit donors for the National Marrow Donor Program, Karen’s work has focused on issues and causes that change lives. She is a nationally-recognized expert in advocacy and has built over 100 state and national coalitions addressing health care disparities and other important legislative issues. Karen has conducted media and advocacy training sessions for Fortune 500 companies, elected officials, the British Olympic Team and has been a featured speaker at the White House Summit for Women Entrepreneurs. She has addressed more than 300 organizations on topics including advocacy, media relations, strategic planning, crisis communications, marketing and networking. Karen has been featured in esteemed national publications, most recently as a key contributor for Forbes.

  • Photo of Terrie Ard

    Terrie Ard APR, CPRC

    Chief Operating Officer and President

    Terrie is a visionary leader who has an innate ability to identify trends and position Moore for success. She is passionate about growing the business, developing employees and cultivating a culture that makes Moore a place where talented people want to stay. She oversees the firm’s account servicing and production teams and brings to the role more than 25 years of marketing and business strategy in industries including health care, environment, education, workforce development, retail and agriculture. She is an expert in corporate positioning and branding, communications strategy and crisis communications. She has been recognized as one of 850 Magazine’s “40 Under 40” and is a recipient of the Florida Public Relations Association Stanley Tait Award for Leadership.

  • Photo of Jordan Jacobs

    Jordan Jacobs APR, CPRC

    Senior Vice President

    Jordan leads the Moore team as senior vice president of client services where she understands the goals, objectives and desired outcomes of each client, whether B2B, B2C, government, an association or nonprofit. Her expertise has driven powerful results for clients while her open style of communication makes her a trusted counselor to leadership, team members and clients.

  • Photo of Nanette Schimpf

    Nanette Schimpf APR, CPRC

    Vice President

    As vice president, Nanette manages a large number of projects and inspires our staff by doing role model work and through the team building activities she implements. During her nearly 19 years with Moore, she has managed dozens of award-winning campaigns for clients ranging from law enforcement to the medical industry. Her work supporting the recent passage of Amendment 10 in Florida is an example of her tenacity and dedication, as she worked to combat voter fatigue and gain the support of voters through compelling storytelling, earned media and digital advertising.

  • Photo of Audrey Morris Goff

    Audrey Morris Goff

    Vice President

    With over a decade of experience, Audrey’s unmatched expertise in advertising and business development have helped her develop a sixth sense in motivating audiences and helping clients surpass their business goals. As vice president, she is a skilled leader and collaborator, overseeing MCG’s Denver and South Florida offices, as well as the agency’s advertising vertical. She is a highly effective communications strategist who is most in her element when helping clients identify ways to tell their story and engage their audiences.

  • Photo of D'Arcy Toffolo

    D'Arcy Toffolo

    Executive Managing Director

    Through two decades of building brands through connected experiences while motivating audiences to take action, D’Arcy’s expertise helps clients leverage advertising and digital marketing to their fullest. She is responsible for establishing overarching advertising and digital strategy and measurement protocol for all of Moore’s clients with an emphasis on return on investment and campaign efficiency. D’Arcy brings a diverse background in advocacy, including leading the digital strategy for Florida’s Amendment 10 campaign and Patient Access Louisiana and Immunize Florida initiatives.

  • Photo of Jamie Fortune

    Jamie Fortune APR

    Managing Director

    Jamie specializes in communications strategy and engagement plans where success hinges on the right positioning and messaging. Moore trusts her leadership on some of the firm’s most complex projects including clients who require crisis communication and reputation management, stakeholder research and engagement, or influencer marketing in highly regulated industries. From leading stakeholder research for a global pharmaceutical company to empowering a coalition of women on a family law issue, she works to nurture relationships and mobilize action on issues that matter.

  • Photo of Fern Senra-James

    Fern Senra-James APR

    Managing Director

    In his more than 12 years at Moore, Fern Senra-James has developed, implemented and measured public affairs campaigns on issues ranging from voter education to health care access and parity. His expertise in ensuring all efforts include opportunities to engage multicultural and diverse audiences has helped increase the overall success of initiatives he has led. Fern also provides MD&I counsel to the public affairs team, and the Moore team as a whole, to guarantee messages resonate with audiences across various cultures and perspectives.

  • Photo of Abby Davis

    Abby Davis

    Director of Client Development

    Resident hustler, Abby excels in understanding audiences and in developing strategic partnerships and alliances. She builds strategies, analyzes market segments, and creates opportunities for Moore to make an impact. Abby’s insights from her time on the account servicing team help her thrive in her role prescribing the right marketing solutions for prospective clients.

  • Photo of Richard Moore

    Richard Moore

    CFO & General Counsel

    Richard is a CFO, attorney, community leader, martial arts instructor, and veteran. As CFO, Richard ensures that Moore’s financial operations support excellent customer service and results for clients. As legal counsel, he is a resource to the staff on contracts, intellectual property rights and business law. His financial and legal expertise have been an integral part of Moore’s growth and has been a key leader in the agency’s development and expansion.

  • Photo of Andrea Blount

    Andrea Blount

    Business Manager

    As business manager, Andrea’s financial expertise positions Moore’s clients and employees for success. She maintains open channels of communication and sees every number – from budgets to project hours – as an opportunity to help Moore as well as clients exceed goals. Andrea manages daily financial operations and provides insight that empowers the agency to plan for the future.

  • Photo of Liz Shawen Underwood

    Liz Shawen Underwood

    Managing Director of Advocacy

    Liz leads our public affairs team and manages campaigns and clients in multiple states. Her success is motivated by her passion for serving people and causes. During her more than 15 years at Moore, she has led successful policy campaigns at the federal and state level, including increasing access to dental care, protecting homeowners’ rights, defeating anti-business proposals, and safeguarding patients. Through her relationships with clients, Liz has been invited to speak at national advocacy summits for the Epilepsy Foundation of America and the National Premature Infant Health Coalition.

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