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2021 Louisiana Session On Social

The legislators and issues that drove the conversation on social media this Session.

As vaccines became widely available, the number of COVID-19 cases decreased, and mask restrictions were lifted, the 2021 Louisiana legislative session was a step towards normalcy. The 60-day fiscal session was a whirlwind, as lawmakers tackled new pandemic-related matters and addressed issues that were placed on the back-burner due to the pandemic in 2020.

Louisiana lawmakers continued to turn to social media to disseminate information, and constituents relied on social platforms to weigh in on the legislative impacts to their local communities.

Moore’s Louisiana Session on Social recognizes Louisiana’s top 10 policymakers with the highest social engagement and the top three most talked-about legislative issues on social media.

We applaud every legislator who amplifies their voice on social media as we highlight this year’s top 10.

Session on social demonstrates the rising influence of digital advocacy and the opportunity for lawmakers and constituents to engage on social platforms to make their voice heard and help shape policy. Digital and social media strategies have a role to play in every public affairs campaign.

Our team of experienced public affairs and digital media strategists use real-time, data-driven insights and strategies to target and reach audiences through tailored messaging that makes an impact.

How can we help you leave your mark on policy issues? Find out more here.

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