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5 Trends Poised to Impact Public Affairs

Keys to success lie in adaptability, innovation

Our top-ranked Public Affairs team has supported legislative and policy priorities of clients in a myriad of industries for more than 30 years. While building trusted relationships is paramount to our work, staying ahead of the curve on communication and advocacy strategies is just as critical. The ever-changing landscape of public affairs requires new strategies, tools and digital innovation to understand behaviors, change perceptions and drive action.

You may have seen our Moore 2024 Relevance Report, developed by our President and COO Terrie Ard, which outlines 10 trends impacting business, society and government this year. Five of the trends included in the Relevance Report are poised to impact the public affairs landscape. These trends along with insights from our top-ranked public affairs team are included in this edition of the M List to help guide your strategy and maximize success.

Planting Roots: Issue Advocacy and Grassroots Mobilization

Companies are recognizing the potency of engaging local communities and grassroots movements to amplify their voices on social and political issues. This approach involves fostering genuine connections with individuals at the grassroots level, harnessing collective power to influence policy decisions and societal changes. This shift toward grassroots advocacy reflects a recognition of the interconnectedness between corporate success and societal well-being, as businesses actively seek to become integral participants in the broader conversations that shape their operating environment.

Real voices and stories are powerful. Businesses are increasingly recognizing the power of building champions among their employees, customers and communities. From supporting access to care and homeowners’ rights to protecting our state’s natural resources and strengthening our workforce, we have led success for our clients and their priorities by building and mobilizing an arsenal of voices and stories.

— Liz Underwood, Partner and Executive Managing Director of Public Affairs


Decoding Success: Precision in Data-Informed Decisions

Increasingly, businesses are using data and analytics to identify patterns, understand consumer preferences, optimize processes and anticipate market shifts. This trend will continue with more advanced tools for data collection, analysis and interpretation, helping organizations make more strategic decisions. Data-informed insights will help leaders better sift through the complexities of various functions and operations and ensure greater reach with audiences through customer behavior analysis.

Collection of data is vitally important to any strategy. Moore goes beyond collection by applying a comprehensive analysis process to first-party data. By using first-party targeting, Moore eliminates guesswork and helps organizations reach key decision makers and their real-life connections and influencer circles. This ensures the strategy we’ve applied delivers campaigns that reach the right targets with the right messages at the right frequency to turn the tide for your issue.

—Justin Spencer, Senior Director of Data & Intelligence


Tailored to You: AI-Powered Customizations

In 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) takes center stage in marketing, revolutionizing how businesses connect with their audiences. AI-powered personalization goes beyond basic targeting, offering hyper-personalized experiences based on individual preferences, behaviors and past interactions. From tailored content recommendations to personalized journeys, businesses are harnessing the power of AI to create seamless and highly relevant customer experiences.

Moore is continuously exploring and investing in new tools to quickly generate and deploy messages that resonate, ensure our issues are heard and better reach key decision makers and gauge what is most important to them. One example is our longtime use of AI social listening tools to gather real-time insights to inform our messaging, strategy and opportunities to raise clients’ issues to the top and help them better connect with key targets.

— D’Arcy Toffolo, Partner and Associate Vice President of Innovation & Technology


In Authenticity We Trust: Reflect Your Audiences

As the nation’s makeup expands, moving from a “we see you all the same” mentality to a more multifaceted representation is pivotal. Messages and marketing strategies must resonate with individuals with different backgrounds to build brand trust. Culturally relevant messages, language nuances and representation are imperative to create authentic connections and ensure your message resonates across a rich tapestry of communities.

The latest Census data ranked Florida No. 1 in domestic migration and No. 2 in international migration. Notably for South Florida, Miami’s nearly 60% foreign-born residents make it the most diverse city globally. These various cultures bring with them experiences, beliefs and values that should impact how you communicate with them and understand the motivations driving their actions.

—Fern Senra-James, Partner and Executive Managing Director of Multicultural & Diversity


Notably, Citadel CEO Ken Griffin recently said that he envisions Miami eventually unseating New York as the world’s financial center. South Florida is also witnessing a surge in its technology and innovation ecosystem, drawing attention from global tech players and startups alike. With eMerge Americas 2024, Jeff Bezos’ decision to relocate to Miami, major players like Amazon eyeing additional office space in the Magic City and FIFA selecting Miami as a host destination for World Cup 2026™ matches, South Florida is asserting itself on the global stage. Nurturing and leveraging this global connectivity will be key for stakeholders in the public affairs landscape navigating the complexities of an interconnected world.

— Nic Breeding, Managing Director and South Florida Market Leader


Live Your Purpose: Sustainable and Purpose-Driven Marketing

As societal values continue to evolve, consumers are placing increased importance on sustainability and social responsibility. Successful marketing goes beyond promoting products or services—it aligns with a purpose. Brands are adopting sustainable practices and incorporating social causes into their marketing strategies. Authenticity is key, and consumers are drawn to brands that demonstrate a genuine commitment to making a positive impact. From eco-friendly packaging to charitable initiatives, sustainable and purpose-driven marketing is a business essential.

This purpose-driven mission will be ever present in the legislature this year, with legislative leadership working to expand access to healthcare with a proposed $900 million package to address workforce needs and ensure every Floridian has a primary care physician. As consumers take an increased interest in cause marketing in 2024, purpose-driven public affairs initiatives are not new to Moore. Moore had the privilege to spearhead a public affairs campaign on behalf of Shatterproof to expand access to the overdose-reversal medication, Naloxone, in Florida. After a comprehensive effort, the legislation to expand access to this life-saving medication was unanimously passed by the Florida Legislature with 13 co-sponsors and nearly 30 partner organizations, including former Attorney General Pam Bondi. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office was the first group to utilize Naloxone after the bill became law, and within a day, it saved two lives.

— Courtney Cox, Associate Managing Director of Public Affairs

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