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Perils and perks of navigating the AI revolution.

Moore leads in research and evaluation of AI for how to boost results.

AI is everywhere. Its arrival into the everyday vernacular came on quickly, and the conversation shows little sign of lightening up anytime soon. There’s both an optimism and a fear associated with AI, not unlike the rise of prior technologies and innovations (remember Y2K)?

At Moore, we are a leader in researching AI, both for what it can bring to our clients and also how it can aid us. When considering AI and how it can advance your organization, we recommend you think along the lines of “How can AI inspire us?” and “What can ‘the robots’ do more quickly, allowing us to focus on the human-centered aspects of our jobs?”

In short, so far, AI enables two things: 1) inspiration and 2) efficiency. While AI can replace certain aspects and functions, no AI solution replaces the authenticity nor the relationships that are important to advancing business and organizational goals.

With the hundreds of AI tools and platforms out there, we can help you navigate the landscape given our experience with several, including Taylor by Stagwell, ChatGPT by OpenAI, Copymatic and Sprinklr. We have been impressed with some of the unexpected features these AI tools deliver:

  • Taylor generates not only media pitches but also lists of media outlets that could be pitched based on the content of the release.
  • Copymatic gives the user the option to choose from 12 different voice/tone options, which can be parlayed into campaign copy.
  • ChatGPT will learn your voice tone over time, based on feedback you give to its content drafts.

It’s likely you’ve heard and read about the uncertainty surrounding AI — mostly its power, and, if left unchecked, what it could mean for our society and livelihood. Just last week, the CEO of OpenAI, which created ChatGPT, joined more than 300 other industry leaders in signing this statement: “Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.”

Recently, a group of undergraduates formed the Harvard AI Safety Team. Composed of 35 Harvard and MIT students, this group predicts that AI may “potentially learn to deceive and manipulate human evaluators.” They go on to ascertain that AI often issues falsehoods, uses malicious statements and evades the very humans it’s meant to assist. We are optimistic that governance will be put into place at some point to ensure that AI is tapped for the “right things” and not for the “wrong things.”

Any new technology offers rewards along with the risks. AI forces us out of our insular bubbles and invites us to be curious, to learn — which in turn leads to growth and bigger and better ideas. It challenges us to unlearn and relearn practices that will provide us with a richer life experience, streamline mundane processes or connect us (or our clients) with a new audience or group. New technology can be scary and intimidating at first — that’s because change is hard and requires us to lean in and get comfortable being uncomfortable. The result of pushing through that discomfort can be life changing.

At the end of the day, AI provides leaders and organizations with clear advantages and caution. I invite you and your teams to take an incubator approach to AI or engage with Moore to do a communications and marketing audit to see where AI can bring the most value.

At Moore, we are focused on innovation and technology solutions that encompass web, paid media, customer relationship management and inbound marketing. One example: We are a certified solutions HubSpot partner, ready to help our clients continue to deepen the dialogue with their prospects and customers in meaningful ways. AI is fueling this technology software.

As a side note, ChatGPT was not used to write this blog.

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