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We’re Connecting with the Disability Community. Here’s How.

In 1990, 60 demonstrators set aside their wheelchairs and mobility aids to scale 78 marble steps to the doors of the U.S. Capitol. Their slow, triumphant demonstration, known as the “Capitol Crawl,” catalyzed support for the Americans with Disabilities Act. Today, the disability community is still striving — and Moore is proud to help amplify their voice and fuel more victories.

There is tremendous opportunity with this niche market. About 13% of the U.S. population identifies as having some type of impairment that impacts their daily activities, and their buying power is estimated to be more than $22 billion annually.

Through our work, we’ve delivered messages of financial freedom, job opportunity, greater accessibility and acceptance. With our 30-plus years of reaching target audiences and inspiring action, we understand the motivations, perceptions, barriers and opportunities to best reach the disability audience.

Here are some of our key insights:

  • Disability is a powerful unifier. While everyone’s path is different, there is an inherent camaraderie shared within this community as they navigate unique challenges. The disability community is close-knit, with greater-than-average reliance on word of mouth and trusted advocates.
  • Secondary audiences matter. We consistently find that the disability community has an army of supporters and advocates behind them, championing their success. These audiences are equally important to engage and connect with.
  • Empowerment and hope resonate. These messages can validate the experiences and struggles of individuals with disabilities, counteract stigma and highlight their capability to effect change. Messages of optimism and resilience connect and inspire action with this target audience.

The work we do at Moore fuels me not only as a passionate communications professional but also as a mom to a special needs son and an advocate. It has been a beautiful journey to watch the breadth and depth of our team’s expertise grow while the business community deepens its understanding and investment in this space. If you’re passionate about reaching or advocating for individuals with disabilities, the Moore team would love to help you achieve your goals.


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