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What 12 years with Ford has taught us about Latino audiences

As brands work harder than ever to include diverse and multicultural audiences, Moore is proud to have more than a decade of proven work with an early adopter: the Ford Motor Company. Our efforts together have had impressive results: Ford has dominated in both favorability and share of voice among Hispanic audiences in the United States.

One would be exceptional. Both is extraordinary.

It began 12 years ago, when Ford took note of our successes with Hispanic audiences on behalf of organizations including PhRMA. Ford brought us on for corporate communications work dedicated to Hispanic audiences through earned media; soon after, we started providing support to Ford’s Hispanic marketing division to align messaging, boost outreach, and discover audience segments that were not being reached.

Since then, Moore has executed 250 custom experiences a year for media and influencers in Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas and Houston — securing an average 30% share of voice for Ford Motor Company. (That’s more than Toyota and Honda combined.)

Forging Meaningful Connections

Automotive communications teams get the word out about new products through press releases, lending new vehicles to writers to review vehicles bumper-to-bumper, and other tactics. Ford and Moore quickly realized that a key audience had been left out: the Latino automotive media market. They also recognized that messaging shouldn’t just be about a vehicle; it should be about how the vehicle fits the customer’s lifestyle, or how it keeps their family safe. That drove Moore to reach out on Ford’s behalf to Latino lifestyle media, such as People En Español and the men’s magazine Hombre. Recently, as the world and the automotive industry prioritize sustainability and electrification, we are reaching out to another group of journalists: the technology adopters and environmentalists.

Also, our campaigns are heartfelt and about so much more than vehicles. Moore introduced the “Abróchate Por Amor” (Buckle Up For Love) safety campaign around Valentine’s Day 2016 to reinforce why drivers and passengers should always wear a seat belt. We once held a runway show to celebrate the embroidered stitching of the guayabera, because it reminded us of the precision care Ford takes with its interiors. Through “De Donde Eres?” we celebrated the beautiful international origins of our customers and their cultural contributions. And our Mujeres Legendarias campaign has honored Latina entrepreneurs annually for 10 years running.

Through these efforts, Moore has gleaned these insights:

It isn’t enough to translate a press release. Create messaging that speaks to Latino-specific priorities. The economy matters to all Americans, but job access may be what matters most to Latinos. Healthcare access may be hampered by not understanding the process or having the language skills to advocate fully for themselves or their loved ones. Education is extremely important because it’s often a main reason to emigrate: to give children a better future.

Something unique about the Hispanic culture is their family values. Families are close-knit with many US Hispanics living in multigenerational households. Hispanic Americans rely heavily on the guidance of their family and often consider each other when making household decisions.

Address younger voices. Four in 10 Hispanics fall in the millennial age group. This is a digital-first, tech-savvy generation that embraces innovation. Young Latino consumers are more likely to discover brands via celebrity endorsements than older generations. Act accordingly.

Real relationships matter. Moore understands that, above and beyond, messaging and information has to come from trusted sources; if not, it goes in one ear — maybe — and out the other. Trust comes from being there consistently, not from parachuting in for a one-time event and leaving.

Although there is more work to be done, the world has become more inclusive, accepting cultural differences and nuances. The needle has moved. And that means the Latino community will not tolerate being an afterthought. Latinos expect a seat at the table, and if a brand isn’t extending that invitation, it has put itself into a corner. And digging out of a corner is much harder than stepping into a relationship.

Moore and Ford honor the 2019 Mujeres Legendarias in Miami with local media partners Ejecutiva Magazine and La Nota Latina.

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