The Why

In 2011, Ford Motor Company came to us with a challenge—improve their ability to connect with Hispanic car buyers, with the goal of boosting purchase consideration and increasing sales.


  • Influencer Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Product Market Launches
  • Strategic Planning

The How

Detailed market research revealed that the grassroots program Ford wanted—their first focused on the Hispanic community—had to be culturally sensitive, community-driven and beneficial for everyone involved. Fortunately, Moore has a track record of creating exactly this kind of program.

Two initiatives have helped cultivate deep and meaningful engagement.

Mujer Legendaria

There are nearly 22 million Latinas in the US: hard-working women, community leaders, and successful entrepreneurs. Knowing this we created Mujer Legendaria, an annual awards ceremony that honors the lives of local Latinas and earns significant Hispanic media coverage. Since 2013, we've recognized 100 Latina leaders—each of them a brand ambassador—across the country.

Millennials as Ambassadors

Hispanic Millennials are the fastest growing population in the U.S. That’s why we created a digital space to allow millennials to “come as they are” and explore topics they connect to—such as technology, parenting, and planning for large purchases. Since launching in 2013, the platform has grown rapidly and organically; every year it encourages nearly 200 millennial brand ambassadors to make a more significant impact on their lives and the lives of other millennials.

The Results

In the seven years we’ve led the Ford Hispanic initiative, we have executed 250 custom experiences a year for media and influencers in Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas, and Houston—securing a 30% share of voice for Ford Motor Company. That’s more than Toyota and Honda combined, placing Ford at the #1 spot for share of voice among U.S. based media.

Our efforts have also led to a 100% favorability rating among U.S. Hispanic consumers and an average sales increase of 4.4% in 2016—the best for Ford in the last decade.