Andrea Blount Business Manager

Andrea lives in a world of numbers and spreadsheets, but her impact is far greater than the bottom line. Her expertise positions Moore, our employees and our clients for success in all that we do.

Photo of Andrea Blount

For the past five years, Andrea has contributed to Moore’s growth and to the powerful results we deliver. We view clients as partners. Andrea plays an important role in that relationship. She maintains open channels of communication and sees every number – from budgets to project hours – as an opportunity to help Moore and our clients exceed goals.

Andrea manages our daily financial operations and provides insight that empowers the agency to plan for the future. She’s always “analyzing different scenarios,” she says, and loves the challenge of budgeting. For Andrea, the numbers always represent progress, productivity and people.

Florida Trend magazine has named Moore a “Best Place to Work” for six years running, thanks in part to Andrea’s dedication to people. She continually evaluates employee relations, policies and practices to ensure that team members are supported and appreciated. We, in turn, retain talented employees who create innovative solutions for clients.

Andrea joined Moore with a wide range of experiences. She owned and operated her own small business for 20 years and provided financial oversight of her husband’s small business, as well.

And while Andrea has amassed years of expertise and knowledge on the job, she’s now taking classes to complete a degree in business administration.

When she’s not crunching numbers, you’re likely to find Andrea at her son’s baseball games. She and her husband have two children, a son, age 12, and a daughter, age 9. On the weekends, they all like to unwind on the beach at St. George Island.