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How Healthy Is Your Brand?

Despite the significant challenges of 2020, some businesses are straight-up winning. What is driving their success? Which course corrections did they make that businesses can borrow and adapt? How are consumer habits shifting, and which changes will be permanent? And most of all, what intentional adjustments should businesses make to their brand to better reflect their new reality and secure customer loyalty?

Moore is helping its clients think through these questions with urgency and enthusiasm. Time and again since COVID-19 emerged, we have seen the value of re-evaluating our clients’ brand identity. For some clients, the pandemic has drastically altered the way they do business, making a rebrand a necessity; for others, the pandemic has afforded them an opportunity to make appropriate, adaptive shifts in their business models and communications without their target audiences questioning why. Either way, we’re leading our clients through strategic considerations of how to best position their brand to survive and even emerge stronger in a post-COVID world.

You have probably intuited that some national companies are thriving despite the pandemic. According to the annual Axios-Harris Poll 100 list, Costco, CVS and Netflix are more popular today than they were before the pandemic. They succeeded by offering a great product, staying open, treating people well and delivering on promises. Another example of success is Nike, which received acclaim not only for a beautifully-produced video but also for thoughtfully shifting its product offerings: from providing streaming workouts to producing face shields and respirators. Disney thrilled fans who were quarantining at home with the release of Hamilton for streaming on its Disney+ platform.

Drawing on the lessons learned through these examples and our ongoing conversations with clients, Moore has developed a guide to help your business do some critical self-analysis. In this social media era where a strong verbal identity and digital-first strategy are crucial, this new guide will help you uncover where your brand is today and where it needs to go. We will lead you through:

  • Getting a more accurate perception of your brand based on what OTHERS say about it, by reviewing social listening, customer service responses, surveys, employees and more.
  • Evaluating whether your current service offerings make sense in today’s climate, whether your talent needs to change and what is needed to stimulate demand of your services and products.
  • Understanding your audience and communicating with them in a way that is honest, authentic and timely (and, crucially, never tone deaf).
  • Carefully considering messages and imagery that avoid costly pitfalls (both of which are more prevalent and dangerous in times of disruption) and emphasize the purpose of your brand.

According to Forbes, up to 75% of Americans have bought products beyond their preferred brand and/or retailer due to COVID-19, with many shopping new websites. More than 70% of consumers surveyed expect to continue integrating their new choice after the pandemic has passed. A rebrand can help you capture the attention of this unlocked audience.

The questions posed in this guide are tough, but also meaningful. We hope they help you uncover answers for both short-term quandaries and long-game vision setting. In times of crisis and quick decisions, it helps to have a trusted friend. If you need fresh thinking with scalable strategy from a nimble team who has helped brands both big and small, just contact us. We’ll help you — and your brand — emerge strong.

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