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Make Your Mark by Making A Difference for Others

At The Moore Agency, we promise to dedicate our time, talent and service to community efforts and worldwide causes that make positive impacts for others and hold a special place in our hearts. We call our corporate social responsibility program “Moore Impact,” and in 2020 and 2021, we are focusing our Moore Impact efforts on child well-being. Nurturing a child creates a ripple effect – where the actions of today lead to the unencumbered potential of tomorrow. From serving as mentors to donating free meals, we are seizing opportunities to make a difference in the lives of children one moment at a time.

We don’t have to look far to discover the need. Just a few miles away from our Tallahassee headquarters is the 32304 zip code, which has the highest levels of poverty in Florida. The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Prosperity Initiative, which we support, invites Florida’s business community to implement long-term solutions that provide economic opportunity and work toward the goal of reducing the number of children in poverty from 21.3 percent to less than 10 percent statewide. That challenge looms larger in the 32304 zip code, where 41.9 percent of children live in poverty.

On October 30, The Moore Agency and Second Harvest of the Big Bend teamed up with numerous community partners to support the Griffin Heights Apartments in the 32304 community. Collectively, we brought pumpkins, lunches, a week’s worth of food for each family, music and a whole lot of love to about 200 families. (And when it was over, not one person from the Moore team was ready to leave. It was an affirming, joyful and much-needed celebration.) This is in addition to our Moore Impact activation in the summer, when we provided more than 20,000 meals to children.


How – and why should – your company embrace its own corporate social responsibility program? Because customers care. They want to bring their purchasing power to businesses whose values align with their own, and demonstrating your empathy for others can give you a competitive edge. It makes employees happier and easier to recruit, too, because it infuses the work space with a sense of purpose and kindness. The Harvard Business Review suggests that businesses start with “humanizing your company” as a first strategy to weather crises and preserve bonds with consumers.

Throughout the pandemic, companies have demonstrated their corporate social responsibility in numerous and increasing forms. They have taken care of employees by offering paid time off, work-from-home options and emergency financial assistance. They have cared for customers by launching home delivery services, holding special operating hours for the elderly, and deferring loan payments. Some went an additional step, such as The Home Depot donating its entire stock of N95 masks to health care providers and first responders.

Now is the time to consider how you can build on the goodwill you have already exhibited through this pandemic. Sadly, it isn’t hard to identify emerging needs; it’s just a matter of identifying those that authentically connect with both your customers and your own heart strings. At Moore, we believe all acts – great and small – have the potential to change the future for the better. Not just for your community, but for your business.

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