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No Child Should Go To Bed Hungry

Giving back is a fundamental part of my personal life and a key part of the culture at Moore.

Since founding Moore 28 years ago, I wake up every day with the goal to help and support others. I often think of one of my favorite quotes is:

“Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.”

In times like these, I know that giving back and community engagement are values that will bring positive change in our world. Moore frequently partners with local communities and nonprofits to help bring people together and address issues like food insecurity, veterans’ support and older adult relations with our Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Moore Impact.

This year, we have made a commitment to fight child hunger by committing 20,000 donated meals to food insecure families this summer, around the U.S. and in our own backyard. This is made possible through partnerships with Feeding America, Second Harvest of the Big Bend and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Summer BreakSpot initiative.

Understanding the great challenge of child hunger, and how it has been exacerbated in vulnerable areas by COVID-19, we are committed to addressing this critical need. Because we know when a child has a full belly and opportunities to smile, they will go on to do great things.


Moore partnered with Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization, by donating 10,000 meals to support children and families in need throughout the Feeding America network of food banks across the country. We see this as a direct path to create a real difference in some of the hardest hit areas in the wake of COVID-19, in and around the communities we work.

Richard and I are so proud of Tallahassee – the community we have built our life and our business in – and we want nothing more than to see more prosperity throughout the Big Bend region. We were inspired to personally match the national donation our agency made on a local level. Our support of Second Harvest of The Big Bend will mean an additional 11,000 meals can be delivered to children throughout our community, especially to some of the areas that need the help most. That’s why celebrating the launch of the new ‘Summertime Food on the Move’ program, a mobile food-truck style distribution system, was one of my proudest moments – and I’m confident the team at Second Harvest of the Big Bend will meet their goal of delivering 11,000 meals to children in need within the 32304 zip code –which yields the highest levels of poverty in the Sunshine State and is ranked among the lowest income zip codes in the nation – and surrounding areas.


Our commitment to building a better world is demonstrated by the work we do for our clients every day and the ways we give back through our Moore Impact program. We’re continuously proud of the great communities we serve. Even on the hardest days, we try to look at the impact of our actions and identify what more we can do. Food insecurity is one critical need, among many others. We’ll continue to explore opportunities with local communities and nonprofits to help bring people together to address our neighbors’ greatest needs.


We encourage everyone to take action – in both big and small ways – to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry:

  • Follow our friends at the Second Harvest of the Big Bend on social media and share their ‘Summertime Food on the Move’ schedule with your network.
  • Sign up for email updates for the latest news from Feeding America.
  • Skip your morning Starbucks and donate those funds to a local food bank.
  • Host a virtual food drive for your local food bank.
  • If you’re in Florida, consider supporting Summer BreakSpot.

I hope you are inspired to lift up in your community and work to build a better world for others, one step at a time.

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