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Strategies to Elevate Your Multicultural Marketing

“General Audience” is not what it used to be

The latest census data proves that America is becoming increasingly diverse, with the growing young Hispanic population leading the way. The average Latino is 29 — about 14 years younger than the general population — and one of the most significant contributors to strong growth across numerous consumer categories. The multiracial population is also booming – a decade ago, 9 million people; today, 33.8 million. 

Moore’s philosophy on multicultural marketing includes ensuring messaging is both relevant and shared on channels best suited to reach each audience segment.   

So, since the data shows incredible growth in populations we typically consider “multicultural or diverse,” and in many areas these populations are the mainstream, it’s important that we incorporate tactics and practices we once used only for them into all communication strategies and outreach.  

As we kick off Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15), consider these tips for engaging with Spanish language audiences in a new way: 

  • Build authentic relationships from the get-go. Don’t be afraid to begin engaging with a new audience before you have something to sell or provide. Let them get to know your brand and you’ll have a tremendous opportunity to get to know what their goals, priorities and preferences are. This feedback can then be used to inform your campaign or marketing strategies. To start, you can utilize tools to measure social listening, monitor trends and uncover new research. Our team can also leverage the decades long relationships we’ve been nurturing with multicultural partners. 
  • Once a relationship is formed, your message can be delivered in new and innovative ways. By working with trusted partners and multicultural media outlets — who know their audience and have developed the best ways to reach them — we can help get your message out there through a trusted, third-party voice. The partner can even serve as a spokesperson on behalf of your brand, further solidifying the alignment. 
  • Always leave room for adjustments based on cultural nuances. We know that multicultural marketing is more than just translating materials. It is essential, especially when working with trusted partners, to leave room for adjustments based on cultural nuances, which leads to building credibility and trust.  

Moore’s Multicultural and Diversity team of experts can best position clients to effectively reach and engage these fast-growing audiences. Our proven approach starts with research-informed strategies that have benefited multiple clients in industries such as healthcare, automotive, workforce development, agriculture and education.  

Interested in learning how you can elevate your multicultural marketing strategies?  

We’re here to help. Estamos a la orden.  

Contact us at: [email protected]

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