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What the Super Bowl Taught Us

Super Bowl LVII did not disappoint. Not only was the game a nail-biter, the whole evening was filled with emotional, memorable moments.

Chris Stapleton’s national anthem, with players and coaches moved to tears. First all-female flyover with the U.S. Navy. Rihanna announcing her pregnancy on an airborne stage to millions of viewers. Donna Kelce offering the comfort only a mother can provide to one son, then celebrating victory with the other. You could feel the highs and lows through the television screen.

As I recall these memorable moments, I find myself considering again the importance of defining your “why.” A strong “why” expresses your purpose and is fueled by emotion. And, when it comes to brands, they are most likely to create connection with audiences when they express the emotional part of that why authentically. Emotion creates a greater sense of belonging—it delivers a feeling, instead of just a product or service. The Super Bowl’s purpose may be to produce a well-matched football game between two champions, but this year the Super Bowl brand also delivered moments of joy, sadness and awe.

Best-selling author Simon Sinek is the master on knowing your “why”—whether for an individual or for a company. As he shares in his book “Start with Why,” the “why” is the emotional cause or belief for your existence. The “why” is what makes you memorable—your message, your product, your service, your organization.

For a company, consumers are inspired by “why” you do what you do. They are more intrigued by the “why” versus the “how” and “what.” The “how” is what differentiates you from your competition and the “what” is the description of your product or service. As Sinek states, finding the “why” is a process of discovery. It’s asking: Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?

Articulating your “why” puts you in a better position to communicate with external audiences and, even more fundamentally, internal audiences. Leaders that know their “why” can provide a clear vision for the people and companies they are charged with inspiring and leading.

We deserve to take time to discover our “why” on an individual level as well. A clear understanding of your “why” helps you focus on where you are going and what matters most in your life and then make decisions aligned to this vision and your goals.

The football season may be done, but you can bet teams and individual players are not idle. They are ideating, evaluating, strategizing and reconnecting with their purpose. Look within to recommit to or uncover your “why.” It is within each of us. And once you find it, every day you will make choices to breathe life into it.

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